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Look 695 Aerolite Carbon Frameset White Acid XL 57

Look 695 Aerolite Carbon Frameset White Acid XL 57

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Original retail on this frameset was $5,799.00. We still have these new in the box and now marked down to $1999, which is over 65 percent off.

The LOOK 695 is a benchmark in bike innovation. To further improve the performance of the bike Look have spent 3 years working on its aerodynamics and construction.

LOOK have integrated brake calipers and a new aero stem, and has worked on the design of the tubes so that they provide better aerodynamic performance.

Both the New 695 Aerolight and Light frames have been made even lighter through the use of a new, thinner 1.5K carbon fabric for a weight saving of 90 g compared to the 695. The LOOK 695 Aerolight has been created with pure performance in mind. Developed in conjunction with the Cofidis pro cycling team the new Aerolight variant of 695 is lighter, stiffer and faster than the 2013 version.


LOOK believe in pushing the envelope - not just in terms of cutting edge technologies and materials but at a fundamental design level. With strict rules governing frame design for use in World cycling, LOOK have decided to focus on integration to best optimise the precision of their flagship frame - the 695 Aerolight iPack. They believe strongly that to be innovative in design you have to be close to production - how else can you fine tune design if the processes are separated by thousands of miles and several time zones? To this end, LOOK have taken the unusual step of shifting the majority of their production from the Far East and 85% of Look's manufacture now takes place on French soil.

The Aerolite takes the innovations from the original 695 and builds on them and as the name suggests, focuses on Aerodynamics whose importance is rapidly becoming the key focus of bike designers and pro-teams alike.

The biggest design change is the integration of the brakes into the front fork and rear end. The 695 Aerolight has an unmatched level of brake integration. Look have used a mechanical V-Brake front brake and have located it in the middle of the fork arms in a housing that forms a window. This means that the caliper disappears completely into the fork to ensure the best possible aerodynamics. The front brake sheath and cable follow a unique route: they go in, under, and through the stem before running through the fork steerer and on to the caliper, all in a dedicated line. The rear brake is under the chain-stay/BB interface in order to keep it clear of the seat stays and eliminate the turbulence created by the caliper - much like on TT frames. The cable routing is also 100% integrated, going through the downtube and bottom bracket. On top of the aerodynamic advantage the integrated brakes are also 20% more powerful than conventional brakes, making it possible to brake with just one finger while maintaining the power and progressiveness necessary for security and performance.

The Aerolite has already received widespread critical acclaim and in September 2013 was awarded 'Most Innovative Bike' at Eurobike. The 695 Aerolite is an exercise in optimising the key components of the complete bike. Rather than creating a frame as a stand-alone piece of the whole machine, LOOK have decided to make the machine more homogenous.

Aside from the brakes another perfect example of this is the integration of the ZED 2 Crank into the frame. The crank itself is a one-piece design and by this we mean axle body, crank arms and spider are formed entirely from in a single piece of carbon which has to be threaded through the bottom bracket housing. It weighs just 320g and LOOK claim this is a World Record and the 'best crank on the market'. The bottom bracket houses huge 65mm diameter bearings for the oversized crank and combined with the crank design, purvey incredible stiffness to a key area of the frame. However, the main difference is in they way that the frame has been designed around the crank: using CFD (Continuous Fibre Design) a process that uses the fibres in orientations that maximise their mechanical performance, LOOK have laid fibres from the seat-stays, down tube and seat tube around the bottom bracket housing in a continuous and un-broken configuration that means there are no joins. No joins means fewer weak spots and an increase in stiffness in this key area of the frame.

The other important area on the frame is the front end. Stiffness here creates not only the tracking and steering characteristics but also braking efficiency which translates into stability. LOOK have integrated their headset and stem in much the same way as might be seen on modern Time Trial bikes. The HSC7 Aero fork is a single piece design with reinforcement at the crown for the oversize 1.5" lower bearing and Head Fit 3 headset. The headset itself has been designed to disassociate the clamping of the fork into the frame from the adjustment of the stem and uses a lock-ring to tighten the bearing independently of the stem. This removes the need for the expander bung from inside the steerer, saving 40g and reducing stress on the fork. The new 140g Aero-Stem is 20g lighter and considerably more aerodynamic than the C-Stem it replaces; it sits on top of the assembly and is designed to be used without spacers. The patented clamping system allows the stem to be pivoted between -13 and +17 degree for fine tuning position without compromising the lateral rigidity of the steering column.


All these features come together in conjunction with the use of 100% High Modulus carbon fibre frame construction to remove weight from the bike whilst increasing stiffness - and as we all know, high stiffness to weight ratios mean more power down and less to move!

The final piece of the puzzle is the integrated seat post. Although widely used by many manufacturers LOOK have gone a little further in order to allow the rider to modify the feel of the bike to suit them. Historically, ISPs have been a bone of contention with pros - for example, early Giant TCRs featuring these posts were so stiff that the Pro riders were not impressed after 6 hours in the saddle! Things have come a long way and LOOK's inclusion of 3 elastomer inserts with the frame offers the rider options for tuning the feel of the ride. As the industry moves towards electronic groupsets LOOK have 'bent like the reeds' in order to adapt and as you would expect from a company focused on integration, the E-Post also features a clip for both Di2 and the new EPS battery systems to allow them to be mounted neatly in the seat post.

Integration is a bold move as there are obvious questions raised - not least that of cost. Forming multiple cranksets of different lengths would be expensive and LOOK have overcome this issue with wonderful simplicity. They have created a triple-lobed insert that allows adjustment of the crank length from 170 to 175mm and that does not require any special pedals. The Aero-Stem as mentioned earlier, is pivotable and is available in lengths from 80-130mm.

LOOK have created a precise handling, stiff and responsive race bike that functions beautifully as a whole and which can be tuned to the rider. It offers superb race performance but the ability to alter crank length, stem position and modify the feel also means that it is the ideal 1-bike solution for those of us who ride high mileage in Sportives and distance events as well.


When you factor in the incredible quality of the frame, the inclusion of the crank, stem, fork, headset and seat post you have a frame that offers remarkable value for money when held up against it's friends in the pro peloton. Yes, the Premium paint adds a bit to the price but the finish is exquisite and you can't knock the exclusivity. This is a bike frame for those of you who want something that is a little different yet still at the top of the game.

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