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Garmin Vector to Vector 2 Upgrade kit 12-15mm pods V2

Garmin Vector to Vector 2 Upgrade kit 12-15mm pods V2

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    This upgrade kit allows the user to upgrade from a Vector pedal-based power meter to a dual-sensing Vector 2 system

    Vector determines the force applied to the pedal by comparing measured pedal deflection to a factory calibration

    Built-in accelerometers measure pedaling cadence

    Allows the user to tailor their training around their specific weaknesses and strengths by showing them exactly where they’re generating power throughout the pedal stroke

    Standard pedal pods fit crank arms 12 to 15 mm thick and 44 mm wide

    Includes: 2 Vector 2 pedal pods, 2 Vector 2 cartridges, 2 Vector 2 upgrade tools, 2 upgrade washers and hardware, and manuals

    Link to the Garmin Vector Installation Videos:

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