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PowerTap P1S Power Meter Pedal Black Single Sided Power Black

PowerTap P1S Power Meter Pedal Black Single Sided Power Black

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PowerTap P1S Power Meter Pedal Black Single Sided Power Black

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If you want to tap into measuring your efforts by power, but are looking to keep the outlay to a minimum and want maximum flexibility with where you install your new meter, PowerTap’s P1S is a great choice. It works with the same technology of their P1 Pedals, and simplifies it. This is one-sided power measuring, which can be installed on any bike with crankarms, which is pretty much every bike. All you need to do is secure the pedals as you normally do, sync the signal with your power-reading head unit or smart phone, and you're riding with power.

PowerTap figured out how to miniaturize strain gauges and electronics small enough that they fit inside a pedal. They decided to base the pedal on the traditional three-bolt Look-style road cleats. This style is popular with roadies across the world because it's simple and dependable. PowerTap provides cleats with six-degrees of float, and you can source cleats with no float from them as well.

The power meter resides inside the left pedal. The right pedal looks identical to the left, save the battery cap, which is not present on the right. They are pretty much normal clipless pedals. They have 14mm stack height and a lean angle of 25.5-degrees if you're running a 175mm crank, 75mm of bottom bracket drop, and 147mm Q-Factor. This means your lean angle will probably be greater, as most people have shorter arms and less drop. Release tension is adjustable from 6-20Nm. Weight for the set of pedals is 390g, which means the left pedal is about 10g heavier than the right.

In terms of power, the left pedal sends the power info, which is doubled because only a single pedal is sending the signal, via ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart protocols. Any head unit or smart phone with the capability to read those signals will work. The pedal uses a replaceable AAA battery to run the system. They send it with a lithium battery and recommend using disposable lithium batteries to get the longest run time, which they estimate at 60 hours. Head units that can read a "low battery" signal will do so, giving you a heads-up on when it's time to replace. Accuracy is +/- 1.5%

If you find power to your liking, and want two-sided power to get a more precise read on how your legs push on the pedals, PowerTap has an upgrade which will allow you to turn the right pedal into a power meter as well.

the PowerTap P1S is the simple power meter, which is easy to install, and a breeze to swap.


Actual Weight: 408 grams
Cleat: Red, 6 degree floating, KEO compatible
Spring Type: Adjustable Elastomer
Stack Height: 14mm
Firmware Updates: Over the air
Connectivity: ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART
Battery: AAA Lithium (alkaline and/or rechargeable alkaline batteries not recommended for extended use)
Battery Life: 60 hours
No weight limit

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