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Fast Forward FFWD F6R DT 240 Hub Road Bike Front Wheel Tubular

Fast Forward FFWD F6R DT 240 Hub Road Bike Front Wheel Tubular

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Tubular Wheelset Disclaimer: These wheels require glue on tubular tires. They are different than tubeless wheels. If you have any questions about these wheels please feel free to contact us.

DARC-Double Arc
FFWD DARC technology is short for Double Arc which refers to the profile of the rim. The revolutionary DARC profile improves aerodynamics dramatically by reducing the drag. Air has the characteristic to stick to its surface and by creating a negative arc section the air will be compressed more at the positive section.
This will increase the pressure just like on the topside of an airfoil. Increased pressure results in a faster airflow and less resistance on the wheel which reduces the drag. The DARC profile is applied to all F4R, F6R and F9R models!

Carbon - TC-35
Fast Forward (FFWD) use High-Tensile TC-35 carbon for the majority of the lay-up. This gives the rim a very high strength with sufficient stiffness to cope with hard application of the wheels. So, rather than use a stiffer, but more brittle carbon type, they chose durability over ultimate stiffness. In some lay-ups they add some higher modulus sheets to increase stiffness locally.

FFWD actually use multiple layers of different types of carbon. Only the outer layer is made from a 3K weave. Underneath this layer are layers of UDF (Uni-Directional Fiber) sheets. A mixture of different angles to resemble a uniform material. Because carbon fiber can handle tension very well, they have to mix up the layers to make the rim stiff and strong enough.

Wheel Specs:

Actual Weight: Front 611g

Rim Depth: 60mm

Rim Width: 20mm

Tire Type: Tubular

Spoke Count (front/rear) 20

Hubs: DT Swiss 240s

Brake Compatibility: Rim Brakes

Delivered with: Quick release skewers, Brake Pads, Manuals

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