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DEMO Colnago Ferrari V2-R Road Frameset TNDK Frameset 56 Sloping

DEMO Colnago Ferrari V2-R Road Frameset TNDK Frameset 56 Sloping

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This bike was used for demo rides by the manufacturer. It had parts mounted on it, but it is in great shape! It may show a little bit of ride wear, but it has minimal miles on it. We took detailed photos. If there is anything else you'd like to know, please feel free to contact us.

If you were on the fence about the V1-R, which was a first toe in the water for Colnago in terms of aero monocoque frames, you will likely have all your reservations assuaged by the Colnago V2-R. Using the V1-R as a template, the engineers at Colnago have tweaked the V2-R to make it stiffer and more practical for real world riders who like to run wider tires and not have maintenance nightmares.

Since the V1-R was already comfortably under the 1000 gram mark, weighing just 835 grams, Colnago quite intelligently didn’t go compromising its rigidity to get it down to some crazy sub 700 gram weight. Rather they have kept the frame weight stable while stiffening up the bottom bracket area by a reported 13% and the head tube by a more modest but still important 4%. So in case you have Marcel Kittle-type power pistons for legs, you need not worry about any sort of flex no matter how hard you are hammering the pedals. After all, since the frame is even more rigid and still extremely light, you will be looking for every opportunity to jump your friends and sprint for the next imaginary finish line. And if you have a horror of the proliferation of press fit bottom brackets, you can rest assured that Colnago sticks to their own ThreadFit82 that uses screw-in alloy cups, which have the advantage of increasing the width of the bottom bracket adding to the overall rigidity of the frame. Aside from eliminating the chance of creaking that press fit bottom brackets often cause, it makes the whole arrangement extremely easy to maintain and clean.

Adding to the aero design, the V2-R borrows from the seriously aero Colnago Concept the method of routing the internal cables from the head tube through the top of the top tube to offer a cleaner line at the front and reduce turbulence caused by the cables. Another change that is as visually pleasing as it is functionally fortuitous is the new integrated seat clamp. Not only does it give the frame a clean line and more aero effect, it will ensure that you’ll never have to worry about the carbon seatpost irritatingly slipping or squeaking in the seat tube, as too often happens in poorly designed carbon bikes.

What you will likely appreciate most is the increase in tire clearance all the way up to 28mm wide tires. This extra nod to comfort comes thanks to the fact that both the front and rear brakes are direct mount. An added bonus is that the rear brake is no longer under the bottom bracket, which is admittedly aero but a beast to deal with for any mechanic. So this level of integration has the immediate benefit of being much more aero, but also allowing for these larger, more comfortable tires. Besides that, if you’ve ever used direct mount brakes, you’ll realize they also provide superior braking performance, which is always good especially if you are lucky enough to have some mountains to scale on your usual ride routes.

The Colnago V2-R is the latest in a long line of amazingly well-thought-out carbon frames from the classic Italian brand. If you love to have a balanced mix of Italian flair and utilitarian design, then the V2-R will neatly fit into your own cycling aesthetic.

Frame Seatpost Fork:

Carbon Fiber

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