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Colnago V3-RS Carbon Road Bike Aero Frameset RZWD 42s-58s

Colnago V3-RS Carbon Road Bike Aero Frameset RZWD 42s-58s

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V3Rs, the Colnago monocoque frame ready to make your dreams come true.
When Colnago created the initial designs for the all new V3Rs it focused on
its' experience with the V1-r and V2-r. The company were then able to develop
and improve the concepts of lightness and aerodynamics of its' road frames. Today
the V3 represents the best of Colnago technology applied to a monocoque frame.
V3Rs is fast on long climbs; in windy plains; on big Tours; in stages and in the most
demanding Granfondo. It is perfect in all situations. Every detail has been studied and
developed to obtain the maximum in terms of performance and comfort.

You often hear about the "perfect bike," with which you can do everything.
The V project was born as a compromise between weight, stiffness and aerodynamics,
and its award-winning results demonstrate the success of the product.
The V was quite successful racing on pave' (like the Women's Tour of Flanders 2015),
in bunch-sprint races and at the uphill time trial of the Giro d'Italia 2016, as well as the
victories with UAE team in the past season on various terrain.

The Design

While retaining some details from the two frames that preceded
it, V1-r and V2-r, the V3Rs design has profoundly changed to align
with some standards that have been consolidated in recent years,
not least the possibility of mounting larger tires - up to 28 inches.
It's extremely clean and boasts excellent aerodynamic qualities
together with an unprecedented lightness. V3Rs is available in
eight sizes from 42s through to 58s and in two versions, direct
mount rim brakes and disc brakes.

Carbon fiber

To reach a new weight target of 790 grams for the size 50s in the
raw disc version (including the metal components) we used a new
type of carbon fibre that allowed Colnago to significantly increase
the rigidity to lateral flexions. The new V3Rs, compared to the V2-
r, has a 12% higher rigidity in the rear compartment and 6% in
the front head tube area. The ability to absorb vertical shocks has
improved significantly, which translates into greater comfort.

The Fork

Completely new and redesigned, the V3Rs fork is much lighter
compared to that of the V2-r. Its raw weight (uncut) corresponds to
390 grams, TFS integrated steerer thread included. In a 50s size,
which we can consider an average size, the cut fork can weigh just
340 grams. The new shape with concave sheaths in the upper part
(front view) optimizes the wheel passage allowing the use of wide
tyres (28c), along with comfort and lateral rigidity.

Cockpit area

While the rim brake version is based on the use of dual pivot
brakes with direct mounting and external cable routing, the disc
version uses the exclusive TFS Integrated fork system. The cables
pass entirely, internally to the Colnago Sr9 stem and then through
the fork steerer. The frame is thus extremely clean and technically
more aerodynamic.

Seatpost closure

Much of the effort has been concentrated in this area of the
frame, both to reduce the overall weight of the locking system
and to increase its functionality, power and safety. The new
locking system is therefore smaller if compared to that of the
V2-r and C64, integrated into the frame and allows a greater
modulation in tightening.


What is the point of making a light bike if you can't ride it effectively?
For this reason the geometry has been completely redesigned.
The main features are the shorter head tube, the longer fork and
a greater balance across all eight size options. The height of the
bottom bracket has also been changed, it is lower, to improve the
driveability of the bicycle with increased tires (28c)

After the small evolution we performed with the V2-r,
we decided to redesign from zero the new V3-rs.
Many things changed in the past 4 years, so we had to
consider new standards as well as new technological
So here's the V3-rs, available in 8 sizes rim brake and
disc brake, simply our best monocoque frame ever.

Seatpost Clamp

One area where we wanted to improve was
the seatclamp. Plan was to reduce the weight
as well as to improve the clamping force.
V2-r (red img) had a fixed upper part and a
sliding lower wedge, while C64 (blue) had a
bottom-pull screw with a fixed lower (frame).
While this solution is definitely more clean
and works better, it's a bit more complicated
to be operated. For those reasons, the new
V3-rs clamp is a upper-pull with no fixed
wedge, so the range of operation is much
bigger while at the same time smaller and
lighter parts are used.

Cockpit Area

While the rim version adopts standard dual pivot
brakes and so it's strongly limited by the brake
housing, the disc brake V3-rs is designed around our
TFS fork system, so the cables are hidden in the stem
and then run completely inside the frame.
The overall look of the bike as well as the aerodynamic
have a huge boost with this configuration.


The fork is completely redesigned
compared to the V2-r. It's now longer,
with a huge tire clearance (up to 30mm
tires) and it's lighter. Much lighter.
The new V3-rs disc fork is 390gr uncut,
including the TFS through bolt, so once
trimmed for a 50s frame, the weight is
under 340gr (still including the threaded
The new concave shape in the upper part
is due to the increased tire clearance as
well as to maximize the comfort and the

Carbon Fiber

To reach the target weight, which was set under 780gr for
a 50s disc ready to paint frame (so with all the metal parts
riveted and glued into the frame), while increasing at the
same time the stiffness, we had to change completely the
fabric, targeting a much higher grade of fiber.
The frame is also stiffer, +12% rear stiffness, +6% headtube
but also vertically more compliant


The headset is the evolution of the one used on the
C64, still using the same fiber-reinforced plastic cups.

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