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Colnago C60 Carbon Road Frameset Black/Purple MHCF 59cm Closeout

Colnago C60 Carbon Road Frameset Black/Purple MHCF 59cm Closeout

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Colnago C60 Carbon Road Frameset Black/Purple MHCF 59cm Closeout


The Colnago C60 Italia is the sum of everything Ernesto Colnago has learned over the past sixty years of building bicycles. At once evolution and revolution, the product is most important for the ride it yields, though to get there, you ought to know something about how it is produced and why.

While Colnago builds in monocoque, it's true love is lugged construction. It allows for more customization, better compaction, as well as providing great vibration dampers. Since the key is the ride, these elements offer lots of design options. Yes, everyone can work the outer shapes of a tube, and Colnago was one of the first proponents of non-round tube shaping, but with lugs, the interior of the frame tubes can be better manipulated and compaction of the material can be greater.  The top, seat, and down tubes are square star-shaped tubes are wider than they are tall. They also change in size over the course of their lengths, getting bigger towards the bottom bracket as the top tube gets smaller toward the seat tube. And the tubing interiors are, thanks to Colnago's technology, ribbed as well, offering greater stiffness than the weight and ply orientation would suggest.

The chain stays, also thanks to working with tubes and lugs, also dramatically change shape, with a taper toward the dropout. The wishbone stays are flattened and tapered for better shock absorption.

Colnago's calling card is ride quality. The C60 might have the largest frame tubes Colnago has ever utilized, but the ride is still classically comfortable, classically Colnago. The reason for the C60 is with advances in technology, the bike could be lighter and stiffer and still provide the ride Colnago is known for.

You can see their efforts in the new dropouts. They are, as always, aluminum for durability. But they're CNC-machined so they're lighter and stronger and stiffer than before. The derailleur hanger is less likely to move, and if it does, it's easily replaceable.

You can see their efforts in the new bottom bracket. Colnago wanted to move beyond the smaller-diameter threaded units of old, but didn't like the limitations of the larger-diameter new, so they created ThreadFit82.5. These are threaded, replaceable sleeves that fit a BB86 bottom bracket to the Colnago bottom bracket shell.

As is the case with most Colnagos, the C60 boasts Colnago's patented, semi-integrated headset. The internal lower,  locking, external upper when combined with a tapered 1 1/8" to 1 1/4" carbon-fiber steerer works better, and is better in the event of a brutal crash—the headset can deform and the fork get replaced: easier than replacing the frame.

The C60 follows Colnago's recent trends of 31.6 seat post and switchable electronic/mechanical internally-routed shifting ports. It also follows Colnago's long-standing tradition of offering lots of frame sizes: fifteen stock sizes for the C60. The frameset comes with headset and fork.

The Colnago C60 is what Italian tradition and craftsmanship (yup, made in Italy) look like after a lifetime of innovation.


  • Bottom Bracket Type Threadfit82.5 - BB86 Required
  • Fork Colnago C60 Full Carbon
  • Frame Material High Modulus Carbon
  • Front Derailleur Type Braze-On Required
  • Headset Colnago C1 1/8" To 1 1/4"
  • Seatpost Colnago Carbon 31.6mm

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