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Colnago C64 Disc Frameset and Fork BUSL Gray/Black

Colnago C64 Disc Frameset and Fork BUSL Gray/Black

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Introducing the New Colnago C64!

We can order Colnago framesets to fit you. Contact us for sizing.

Colnago C64: completely handmade; tailor-made, it could
be said in Italy, with revolutionary tubes (larger, lighter, more
durable), the C64 is the fruit of more than two years of research.
Yet, it was designed based on an almost immeasurable history
of cycling innovation and success one which began in 1954.
The C64's tubes and lugs are made of the finest carbon fiber,
making it a unique frame in the world one that cannot be
compared to anything else. In the C64's design lies Ernesto
Colnago's knowledge and experience, gained from a lifelong
pursuit of cycling perfection.


Made with a new technology, it is lighter thanks to the reduced thickness and the unidirectional carbon surface finish, the same as the rest of the frame. The addition of a pronounced rib also increases lateral stiffness.


Completely redesigned to allow the passage of internal cables, it is compatible with every handlebar and type of brake.


The upper part of the steering has been revised, and is now made of a special polymer of carbon, nylon and elastomer, able to reduce road vibrations, improving driving characteristics and comfort.


Completely redesigned, it is stiffer and more resistant than the C60 one and weighs only 355 grams, 40 less than the previous version. A special external rib guarantees greater driving precision and comfort.


The 6-sided star section and the reduced width of the lower part more effectively balance the torsional rigidity of the central part of the frame. The lowering in the bottle holder area optimizes the integration of the components; in addition, the metal plate with the serial number of the frame is another distinctive element.


A complex form that hides a significant refinement. In particular, the cable guide printed directly in the carbon allows maximum weight savings and better gearbox performance.


In collaboration with the prestigious Ceramic Speed ​​brand we have created a dedicated central movement, to be screwed directly into our frames.

It is available in three different versions: Campagnolo, Shimano and Sram.


The construction of single-piece full carbon dropouts and sheaths represents a deep technological innovation. The weight is thus lower without losing side stiffness, but the comfort is better.


The frame is designed with a maximum size that allows you to use 28 mm tires, to get maximum comfort and full driving safety in all asphalt conditions.


Made of one-piece monocoque, it makes the frame more rigid without increasing its weight. The addition of the high rear stays also has a conical shape to increase the bonding force and therefore the overall rigidity.


Completely hidden and structurally integrated, it makes the knot saddle very clean and elegant. With a single lower draft wedge, it is also lighter than 15 grams.


Thanks to the square section at the back, it is stiffer and better absorbs the roughness of the road surface than the round tube, but also has an improvement in aerodynamics.

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