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Garmin Vector 3S Power Meter Road Bike Pedals: Left-Side

Garmin Vector 3S Power Meter Road Bike Pedals: Left-Side

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Single-sensing Pedal-based Power Meter
Installs like any other pedal and quickly transfers between bikes
Reports cadence and total power (watts)
Easily upgrades to dual-sensing system
Fully integrates with Garmin cycling ecosystem for data analysis
Allows for easy updates via compatible Edge庐 cycling computers, ANT+庐 connectivity or Bluetooth庐-enabled fitness devices鹿 and Garmin Connect鈩 Mobile app
Battery life: up to 120 hours虏

Up Your Game

Ride stronger, smarter, connected with the Vector 3S pedal-based power meter. As you strive to beat your personal best on your next race or Gran Fondo, power is the most reliable way to gauge your performance on any given day, at any given time. Unlike other power meters, Vector 3S has a sensor housed in the left pedal, so it delivers reliable, accurate data on every training session.

Part of Your Connected Bike
Get the most from your training by seamlessly pairing your Vector 3S with compatible Edge cycling computers, ANT+ or Bluetooth-enabled fitness devices鹿 鈥 including compatible Forerunner庐 and f膿nix庐 devices 鈥 and Garmin Connect Mobile app. Plus, you can easily update software with any of these devices.

You can also integrate post-ride analysis, data sharing, mapping, route planning and more with the Garmin Connect鈩, Strava and TrainingPeaks. And use ANT+ connectivity to get stronger by pairing Vector 3S with TrainerRoad. With the TrainerRoad app, you鈥檒l get personally scaled indoor workouts based on power from Vector 3S. The indoor training system also has training plans that tell you exactly what to do to achieve your unique fitness and race goals. It鈥檚 structured training in its most sophisticated and guided form. Sign up with TrainerRoad to get faster, and train for your first 30 days risk-free.

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