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PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals Black Dual Sided Power Black

PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals Black Dual Sided Power Black

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PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals Black Dual Sided Power Black

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PowerTap has created the P1 Pedals, for bringing power metering to under your feet. The pedals are light and simple, and everything is contained in the pedal itself.  The pedals even run off AAA batteries, which are about the easiest-to-find batteries worldwide.

Power readings coming from pedals are loved because pedals are so easily swappable. PowerTap kept this in mind when designing the system. All the strain gauges, eight per pedal, and electronics are housed inside the pedals, and all you have to do is tighten the pedals to the crank's recommended torque specification and they're ready to go. If you have carbon cranks, you'll want to put the included spacers between the axle and the crank. Each pedal houses a battery, which is well-sealed and only needs a hex key to open the compartment for replacement. Figure about 60 hours for the battery replacement interval.

The pedals are pretty light, adding only 174g to the overall bike weight when compared to Shimano's Dura-Ace pedals. The walkable three-hole cleat, both zero float and six-degree float cleats and hardware are included, is produced by Wellgo and is compatible with Xpedo road pedals. Stack height is 14mm.

Each pedal broadcasts both ANT+ and Bluetooth Low-Energy (BTLE) signals for head units, smartphones, tablets and computers to pick up. Most cycling computers these days read ANT+, most phones, tablets, and computers read Bluetooth, so you probably already have the capability to get power data (and, by extension, cadence).  The signal also sends data on your left-right balance. Accuracy is +/- 1.5%

As with all power systems, a manual zeroing of the offset is recommended at the start of every ride.  This is initiated by your head unit.  Once on the road, the pedals will sense changing temperatures and adjust the offset accordingly.

The product is covered by a two-year warranty and top-notch customer service.

The pedals come with two sets of cleats (one red with six-degrees of float, one black with zero float), cleat hardware, two AAA batteries, a quick-start guide, and ANT+ ID card.

With the PowerTap P1 Pedals, you can bring science to your stomps.


  • Actual Weight: 415 grams
  • Thread Type: 9/16"
  • Cleat Interface: 3 bolt - KEO style
  • Cleat: Red, 6 degree floating
  • Spring Type: Adjustable Elastomer
  • Proven PowerTap accuracy
  • Release Tension: 6-20 Nm
  • Stack Height: 14mm
  • Q-Factor: 53mm (measured from crank to pedal)
  • Lean Angle: 16 degrees (based on 175mm crank length, 75mm BB drop and 147mm Q-Factor crank)
  • Firmware Updates: Over the air
  • Connectivity: ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART
  • Battery: AAA
  • Battery Life: 60 hours

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