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Campagnolo EKAR 13 Speed 1x Groupset 170mm Crankset

Campagnolo EKAR 13 Speed 1x Groupset 170mm Crankset

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The New Campagnolo EKAR 13 Speed 1x Groupset with 170mm Crankset with 38, 40, 42 or 44 tooth chainring. Specify at checkout what chainring you need.  Complete with original boxes, manuals and 4 year warranty.

This group will come with a 10-44, 9-42, or a 9-36 cassette. You'll need to let us know which you need at checkout so we can send you the appropriate one. If you're after a different cassette we can look into availability for you.

The rotor sizes in this group are 160/160mm Ekar Rotors. We will include the needed adapters to run 160mm on the front and rear

We have a limited supply of Campy 140mm rotors. Check before purchasing on the availability. 

We have multiple Bottom Brackets in stock. Let us know which of these you need:

T47(68 or 86mm), Italian, BB30, BB86, PF30, or English.

Details on components:

Campagnolo EKAR Crankset

The Campagnolo EKAR Crankset is a lightweight and efficient 1x13-speed crank designed for gravel riding and racing.

The 2-piece crank features a strong and durable 630-grade steel alloy crank axle mated to a lightweight carbon fiber spider and unidirectional carbon fiber arm
Narrow Q-factor – 145.5mm
Chainring featurews a narrow-wide tooth design for efficient drive and maximum chain security
Easy access to external crank bearings
Easily interchangeable alloy rings – no need to disassemble the crankset
Campagnolo EKAR Cassette

 The Campagnolo EKAR 13-Speed Cassette offers full range to match or exceed any 2x systems.
The 9-tooth sprocket allows full range with zero drop in efficiency
Compact cassette has a narrow design with quick changes, lightweight, improved chain security
Crafted from tough materials and durable design, with no weight penalty
Closer low gear spacing creates natural cadence progression
Wider higher gear spacing creates top-end speed options
The 2-piece block blends strength of steel with light weight of alloy

Campagnolo EKAR Ergopower Shift/Brake Levers (Front & Rear)

The Campagnolo EKAR Ergopower Shift/Brake Levers and Disc calipers were designed with gravel riding in mind. Easy, intuitive shifting mechanisms, and comfortable levers make this 1x13-speed system a desirable option for gravel riders.

Precise, quick shifting with One-Lever-One-Action and positive engagement with the efficient 1x13-speed Ekar drivetrain means a perfect change every time
Lever 3 has been redesigned so that it is easy to activate from the drops
Ultra-Shift mechanism allows you to up-shift 3 gears with one action
Vari-Cushion™ hoods provides comfortable, safe grip in any riding position and any off-road conditions
Additional laser-cut texture on lever blades and controls is sweat- and wear-resistant for an enhanced grip
Ergonomic adjustable reach to suit any hand or finger size
Campagnolo EKAR Rear Derailleur

The Campagnolo EKAR Rear Derailleur is designed for the 1x13-speed EKARndrivetrain with a gravel-orientated performance & build.

2D parallelogram trajectory offers precise mechanical movement for 13 sprockets
High grade polymer pulley wheels (12T upper, 14T lower) allow for smooth chain running and secure retention
Carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide and anodized 7075 and 6082 alloys are lightweight, strong, and durable
Stainless steel bolts for strength and long-term resilience on gravel
Includes clutch lock for easy wheel removal

Campagnolo AFS Disc Brake Rotor for EKAR

2-piece center lock rotors for use with Campagnolo hydraulic brake systems. Available in 160mm and 140mm diameters.

Rounded external edge prevents cutting of skin in case of contact with rotor
Inner aluminum spider maximizes heat dissipation
160mm rear rotor recommended for riders over 180 lbs
EKAR rotors are strong 1.85mm thick stainless tempered steel
Strong, durable, light & resistant to corrosion
Campagnolo EKAR Chain - 13-Speed

The Campagnolo C13 EKAR Chain was developed specifically for the EKAR 1x13-speed gravel system.

Wide-narrow design allows for efficient drive, smooth shifts and high security
The narrow profile is lightweight, strong, and efficient
Strong, durable, links feature different grades of steel and coatings for strength and to withstand wear
Unique ultrasound bath lubrication impregnation system for long chain life
Uses a classic pin chain connector
Campagnolo ProTech Bottom Bracket

Campagnolo ProTech bottom brackets feature a patented external sealing ring design that protects a strong, resilient fiberglass-charged polyamide central tube from the harmful ingress of water, mud and grit.

Designed specifically for gravel riding and racing to protect against water, mud & grit

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Image 1 - Campagnolo EKAR 13 Speed 1x Groupset Gravel Cyclocross Bike 165mm Crankset